Saturday, 26 July 2014


I'm not a huge coffee drinker due to my stomachs lack of love for lactose however once in a while on a Saturday morning I will indulge in a creamy almond milk coffee and guess what I make it right in the comfort of my own home. Yep, creamy latte style coffee in minutes and without the aid of a machine. This is such a simple tutorial I feel almost silly even sharing it but occasionally even the simplest of tasks can be downright impossible to achieve without a few step by step hints along the way. These steps shared feature the way in which my mum likes her coffee; milky and sweet. However you can adapt it to whatever your own preference's are and just follow the steps with your own ingredients. 
Creamy Barista Style Coffee

+ milk (semi-skimmed or full fat)
+ coffee (decaf or regular)
+ sugar (Demerara or white)
You will need:

+ microwave
+ teaspoon
microwavable cup
+ Fill cup nearly to the top with milk

+ Place in microwave and heat until the milk just begins to bubble (shown in images above) usually around one to two minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave. I have an 850W and it takes 1 min 30 secs.
+ Remove from microwave and add sugar immediately followed by the coffee.
+ Stir well until completely mixed into the hot milk.

+ Return cup of coffee to the microwave for one final 30 second heat.

+ Remove and enjoy

See? I told you it was ridiculously easy and yes whilst it's not overly frothy it has got the most deliciously creamy smooth taste reminiscent of your local coffee shop.



Friday, 25 July 2014


sea of blooming dreams: giveaway // agenda
1. On The Agenda
Work weeks can be tough, especially if you have a lot of projects on and very little time to play. So what if the solution was making your day's a little lighter with the aid of an all in one fun stop seventeen month (yes seventeen) organiser that not only comes with the most amazing selection of stickers but also fun "to do's" for when you need a change of routine. It seems have created just the thing to ensure your Monday to Fridays are a little more bearable. I'm in! Grab one of your own here.
2. Talking About My Girl
I've had the biggest craving to watch this movie for the longest time. I may just have to bite the vintage movie bullet and watch it this weekend. I remember I went to the cinema with my mum and dad when this first got released and then persisted to rent it from the video store consecutively for an embarrassingly long time afterwards.
3. Weave Together
Summer requires some handy up do hairstyles to help combat frizz and the inevitable heat. I think I may have found my signature look in the style of the multi braid. Easy enough to achieve on my own with an air or effortless cool. 
4.Not a Cloud in The Sky 
Ever since I came home from my travels the weather has been delightful. Very rarely in Scotland do you get the opportunity to enjoy a completely cloud free day so I felt especially spoilt yesterday when the view from my garden looked like this from morning to night. 
5. Quote of the week
I've never been afraid to be a yes or a no person, I believe everyone has the choice to say either and stick with it. I also greatly appreciate and cherish my personal solitude. However this quote made me realise that I've never truly been alone, without anyone acting in some sense as a safety blanket or net. I thought I was someone that pushed the corner's of my comfort zone but now I'm not too sure. The great thing about this realisation is that it can be rectified at any moment or time and for that ability of freedom I am also grateful.

Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend!!!



Thursday, 24 July 2014


all kinds of cool. Paris.
very cool broderie anglaise two piece. NYC. #natalieoffduty
kimono-ing it. Zina in Madrid. #Fashionvibe
great skirt + slip-ons. Paris.
minimal with an edge. Paris.
best white onesie ever. Milan. #LeeOliveira
denim denim everywhere. Berlin.
Maja working a midi. Copenhagen. #MajaWyh
cool combo. Tibi pocket'y top + Celine leo espadrilles. well  played. NYC. #TheFashionGuitar
fab all round really. Amsterdam. #AnoukYve
#LindaTol and the shirtdress of the year. Paris. #LeeOliveira
Erdem prettiness. #HarleyVieraNewton +1 in London.
and good from the back. Babs in Paris. #BarbaraMartelo
slightly sheer & fully awesome. #SofiaSanchezBarrenechea in Paris.
oh so chic. Paris.
that skirt. #HelenaBordon in Paris.
good combo. Brisbane. #ModernLegacy
culottes. Copacabana. #weworewhat
good denim. Stockholm.

White on white, red pvc, pleats, culottes and leopard just a small selection of my favourite streetstyle looks from the past week...



Wednesday, 23 July 2014


What's Hot: Summer Essentials

ISABEL MARANT sweater / CONVERSE sneakers / BAND OF OUTSIDERS shirt / J BRAND shorts / ELIZABETH & JAMES backpack / HATMAKER straw hat

SWEATER: Even in the summer weather can be pretty unpredictable out in the country. At night especially you may need a cover up as the sun goes down and a knit sweater is the perfect solution to keep warm yet still stylish.  

SNEAKERS: Lets be honest Converse is now consider a wardrobe staple. Their comfort and style alone make them a favourite but a high top is a great ankle boot alternative for long summer walks. 

SHIRT: It's no coincidence that a plaid shirt is the Olsen's go to item. There super versatile and can be used for numerous outfit styles. Pop one on as a cover up with your favourite denim cut off's and you'll fit right into the countryside backdrop. 

SHORTS: Denim cut off's should be your first packed item if heading to the country. They have a foolproof mix of cool, fashionable, durability and comfort. I can promise you without fail they'll be worn everyday of your vacation. 

BACKPACK: Although you want to maintain a level of style during a vacation, the whole idea of a country retreat is to get back to nature and enjoy every aspect of the great outdoors. To be able to do that you'll need to be hands free which makes this suede Elizabeth & James backpack the ideal everyday bag. 

HAT: Keeping the sun off your head throughout the day is a must when you're out exploring, not only is it an essential part of sun protection but a straw type hat can also be dressed up with a floral mini dress and sandals for a more sociable situation such as lunch or dinner with friends. 



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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
Comme Une Fleur: #HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
Comme Une Fleur: #HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014
#HollieMaySaker by #SteveHiett for #ElleFrance July 2014

I never had a chance to share this editorial with you last week (booo) but as it's so ridiculously special I thought you wouldn't mind me sharing even if you had already seen it. 

There is nothing featured in this shoot that doesn't scream extravagant elegance. Naturally this starts with model Hollie May Saker and ends with not only Steve Hiett's exquisite photography but also the incredible wardrobe curated by Elissa Castelbou. Sometimes certain individuals talent's bewilders me to the highest of levels...

Happy Tuesday! 

I'm back from my countryside retreat and well you could say my bubble has well and truly burst, as I currently sit and type in my home office, hot tea in hand mulling over my disgustingly long "to do" list...



Sunday, 20 July 2014


Low pony bun ..  #hair #hairinspo #lowpony #messybun
charlotte carey for into the gloss  .. #beach #summer #charlottecarey #intothegloss #fashion #fashioneditorial #style
Street smart #whitetrousers #croptop #blacktop #tops #trousers #style #fashion #whitetrainers
Sunlight prisms #photography #mystical #sun
Anja Rubik by Johan Lindeberg for BLK Denim #anjarubik #johanlindeberg #jeans #blackjeans
Ashleigh Good for Vogue Australia ..
White interior #whitehouse #white #home
jessica sikosek by  akila berjaoui  .. #bikini #summer #travel #holiday #fashion
Socks and Sneakers - always a winner #adidas #whitesneakers #socksandsneakers
Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne for Net A Porter #alexachung #netaporter #poppydelevingne #roadtrip
LA Palms #california #sky #palmtrees
Stephanie Joy Field styled by Vanessa Traina #editorial #beach #model
karolina kurkova  by giampaolo sgura vogue spain  june july 2014  .. #karolinakurkova #vogue #swim #bikini #fashion #style #fashioneditorial
White Wall .. #whitewall #wall #brickwall #white #industrial
Karmen Pedaru for ID Magazine .. #karmenPedaru #IDMagazine #sequins
Mimi Elashery for Planet Blue by Amanda Shadforth of #bikini #model #swim #summer
Sunset on the sand #rainbow #sunset
Oracle Fox
ice cream cake
So So
sandro white sneakers
Beachy up do
Watermelon and raspberry with mint
Wild West

I'm still currently frolicking around in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside (less frolicking, more likely lazing) at the moment but I'm leaving you with a collection of superb images I found over the past week to wet your inspirational appetite. 



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