Thursday, 29 October 2009

I want a trick and a treat...guess I'm greedy

Halloween is fast approaching and as of yet I have managed to escape the october flu which always seem to capture me a week before the 31st . So you can imagine how excited I am at the actual possibility of making it out this year. I have a costume, one that I may add was hand crafted by moi and looks damn good if I do say so myself. But still unsure of where to dance my little butt off......the start of the evening is organised. Party at the sisters with decorations, vodka pumpkin jelly shots the lot. Due to the lack of ideas for somewhere to go after the halloween I decided to take it upon myself to check out some places online. However I got compteley sidetracked looking at events in other areas taht I was left feeling slightly deflated at the prospect of Halloween in Glasgow. Here are my top three events I think you should attend if your in the area:

The Crossfire 2009 Halloween Massecure- Sat 31st Hewett Street Carpark, East London- 9p-5am
In association with XFM and Sidewalk comes an underground halloween temple of classic rock to emo via punk and metal music over two rooms, artistic hungry individuals with a thrown in skate ramp and a few pro skaters and there you have Crossfire. With Lady gaga's on tour Dj making her UK debut this is definetly not a night to be missed. Tickets are £10 and can be bought via ticketweb. Check out there website for further info and fun

Candyland Halloween- Carlton Hotel nad Madison Ave NY-9pm-4am
If ever there was a halloween event made especially for me Candyland has to be it. Not only will it be decked out in full on candy themed Halloween glamour but...they have complimentary candyland cocktails, along with candy corn, sweet tarts and M&Ms. Providing the music for this sweet event will be Dj Nick Cohen with added special guests. The poster alone makes me want to jump on a flight (fully costumed of course) and hot foot it to this sugar coated night. Tickets range from $40 for general admission up to $1950 for platinum VIP admission, however you can't put a price on a willy wonka style halloween party.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Halloween Party-Natural History Museum Downtown LA- 9pm-2am
With a mix of funk/disco, drum and bass indie this free yes..... free halloween club night is a done deal. Add in a photobooth, prizes for best costume and the an opportunity to catch roamer photographer Mark aka cobrasnake at work makes for thee perfect halloween cocktail. I advise  to get in early for your tickets as well there free and its 2 days before halloween.

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